Shortchanged: Collective Bake Sale

This post will be featured in the upcoming second issue of Wom*news. Submissions for Issue 2 close on the 1st of November, so get cracking!

Did you know that there is a 3% graduate pay gap between men and women just one year after they graduate with the same qualification?

And what about the 18% pay gap years later?

“Shortchanged” was the theme of our collective’s bake sale. Our aims were to raise much needed money to put on events and to educate our fellow UQians about the graduate pay gap.

Collective members set up a stall just outside the lolly shop in the St. Lucia campus and sold all manner of delicious baked goods, which were also baked by members. Needless to say, all the gluten-free brownies and chocolate-and-cherry cupcakes were sold by the end of the bake sale; we’d also managed to drum up a lot of interest about the pay gap, the collective and wom*news.

The overcast weather certainly didn’t dampen our profits – we made a cool $132.50 overall!!

~ Emma Di


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