Check out these wicked feminist blogs and websites instead of facebook next time you’re in a lecture.

Feminsting is an online community that hosts individual and community feministic blogs, forums and social networking media with the aim to better connect like-minded individuals online. Their stance on online-hatred is really welcoming in such an open and communal hub. http://feministing.com/

Hoyden About Town is an Australian feminist blog site. They blog on everything from politics to True Blood, but their diverse special interests include disability, health, feminism, skepticism and parenting. Their use of netspeak is refreshing and fun; rather than rage, it’s often good to just type *headesk*! http://hoydenabouttown.com/ 

Blue Milk is a blog written by an Australian feminist who blogs about her feminist views, and in particular her experience of motherhood. This blog is so refreshing and becauseshe expresses a lot of views out there that today’s mums wholeheartedly agree with, ie. The ‘yummy mummy’ myth. Her posts range from hilarious to seriously deep. http://bluemilk.wordpress.com/

I Blame The Patriarchy is a blog written by aradical feminist, who, well, blame the patriarchy for women being oppressed/suppressed. (No, duh.) Twisty writes for women, and has some really interesting ideas that are presented in an eclectic way. If you like snarky, womyn!power posts, this blog is for you. http://blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/

Shakesville is an American progressive feminist blog founded by Melissa McEwan that covers everything from politics to culture. The Feminism 101 page of Shakesville is so awesome – full of great anecdotes about politically incorrect humour, rape culture, homophobia and misogyny. http://shakespearessister.blogspot.com/

Tiger Beatdown, a very mod looking blog, looks deeper into political and social ideas and events of today in a feminist manner. There’s currently a great article on the pink Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. http://tigerbeatdown.com/

Rage Against The Man-Chine is a personal blog written by a woman who, quote, awesomely “like a person with a penis, I act like a human being and expect other people to treat me like one even though I have a vagina.” Snarkiness, feminist and pro-queer rants galore. http://rageagainstthemanchine.com/

The Angry Black Woman is a blog written by an American woman who strives for anti-racism and anti-sexism and blogs about her experiences with both of these types of prejudice and hate. Her header has a great quote from a wonderful feminist speech. http://theangryblackwoman.com/

The F Word is an online feminist magazine run and written in the UK. They write about ‘contemporary’ feminism, with their posts aimed at younger women. This site is full of great book and film reviews and interesting news articles. http://www.thefword.org.uk/

Don’t Compare Yourself to Celebrities. This is a great pin board that shows how celebrities have been photoshopped, even when they naturally look beautiful – the same type of beautiful as the rest of us. Includes so great quotes from celebrities about their public image, too.http://pinterest.com/indyink/don-t-compare-yourself-to-celebrities/

Jezebel is a cool feministic site that provides an often sarcastic and analytical approach to topics and articles in today’s media. http://jezebel.com/

~ Emma Di
(With suggestions from Emily, Nicola, Rosie, Rachel, Joanna, and Lorelei. Thanks!)


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