Reclaim The Night 2011

Article and photos by Emma Di.

Friday, the 28th of October was Reclaim The Night in Brisbane for 2011 – and it was amazing. Reclaim The Night is a global women’s protest against men’s sexual violence held on the last Friday in October each year, organised by each city’s local RTN collective.

This year, women, children and men gathered in Brisbane Square at 6.30 for a rally, where some wonderful womyn spoke about their issues, experiences and causes related to sexual violence. We heard heart-wrenching statistics about sexual violence against those who have a mental disability and those who die due to domestic sexual violence, but also listened to inspiring poems from a local Indigenous woman and uplifting speeches from the Minister of Women. At 7.30 (or around about then!), women and children began their march over the Victoria Bridge, through South Bank and into West End.

It was great to be a part of; we had a big turn out, and to have bystanders cheering us on – including supportive men – really made Reclaim The Night feel as though we women were taking back the streets. Quite a few of us girls from the UQ Women’s Collective went, along with some of our friends from the QUT collective, showing our support loud and proud. Have fun looking at the photos!

~ Emma Di


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