April + May News Round Up

Issue #5 of Wom*news – “Identity” – will be released tomorrow at the Collectives Clothes Swap on the Grassy Knoll at UQ St Lucia! To get the party started, here’s the issue’s news round up!

April + May News Round Up
Compiled by Joanna Horton and Emma Di Bernardo 


▪                The Collective hosted a Reel Grrrls movie night on the 4th of April, screening “Miss Representation”, followed by “Mean Girls”. It was a great success, with “Miss Representation” being great food for thought and for further discussions on the representation of women in the media.

▪                The Collective also recieved a grant from the Equity office in preparation for our feminist forum for the University of Queensland’s Diversity Week. It’s heartening to know that even if the current student Union won’t support us, we still get some love from the powers that be. Diversity Week runs from the 21st-25th of May, with our forum being on the Monday.


▪                Research from the Women’s Health Goulburn North East organisation has found that those women who have experienced natural disasters are more likely to suffer from relationship, spousal and familial violence. It is the first research to come out about this topic since the Black Saturday bush fires, and is an issue in the wake of disasters that is often ignored.

▪                Women will be able to serve in frontline combat roles within the next five years in an awesome move by the Federal Government; unfortunately, that means five more years of the media questioning whether women are up to the challenge, and whether this move is “tokenism.” There is a current implication that perhaps the Defence Force made this move in order to restore it’s good image in wake of the recent sexual assault cases – an implication we hope isn’t true. 


▪                Hillary Clinton proved she’s awesome, yet again, by giving a shout out to the creators of the “Texts from Hillary” tumblr. (textsfromhillaryclinton.tumblr.com/) The creators have since decided to keep the tumblr alive but not make anymore memes as they have duly realised that Hillary has pwned them pretty hard.

▪                Following speculation around her ‘puffy’ face (actually a side-effect of steroid medication), actor, feminist and certified badass Ashley Judd wrote a scathing essay deconstructing how the media objectifies and degrades women. Judd’s essay, published by the Daily Beast, analyses how patriarchy manifests itself in mainstream media and how girls and wom*n often unwittingly find themselves perpetuating it, thus further normalizing the absurd criticism and surveillance of wom*n’s bodies. Worth a read.


▪                Things are not looking so good for Queensland Netball team Firebirds: they lost their third trans-Tasman championship to New South Wales’ Swifts on Sunday the 22nd of April. Better luck next time!

▪                It hasn’t been a good couple of months for Aussie wom*n in sport, it seems, with popular surfer Steph Gilmore losing the quarter-final in the Beachley Classic to Hawaiian surfer Malia Manuel.

▪                German Olympic high-jumper Ariane Friedrich is making no apologies for promptly posting on Facebook the full name, hometown, and abridged message of a creep who emailed her a sexually explicit photo. As Friedrich said, “It’s time to act, it’s time to defend myself. And that’s what I’m doing. No more and no less.” Hopefully the next sexually frustrated idiot will think twice before harassing a German high jumper (who also happens to be a cop, just quietly!) via the Internet. (Or harassing anyone, really. But especially a German cop-cum-Olympic-high-jumper, because you do NOT want her as your enemy.)


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