June/July News Round Up

By Emma Di and Nicole Maree
(As seen in the upcoming issue of wom*news!)


  • Sisters Inside, a much needed organisation that supports women who are pre and post-prison with counselling so that they get their lives back on track and don’t end up criminalised again, was defunded by the Newman government. You can sign the

    Image: sistersinside.com.au

    petition to save Sisters Inside at: http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/save-sisters-inside

  • Samuel Aranda’s photo of a Muslim mother cradling her injured son in Yemen is the winning photograph in the 2012 World Press Photo of the Year contest, which was displayed all throughout June in Brisbane at the Powerhouse Museum.
  • Family Planning was part of the Newman ‘cut waste in government’ whirlwind, you know, because women’s reproductive health isn’t really important or anything… and more recently women’s support group Young Women’s Place was been defunded as well. So much defunding!
  • First:  Emerging Indigenous Art” was an exhibition curated by Leanne McIntyre as part of celebrations for this year’s NAIDOC week, featuring female artists such as Shannon Brett. It was held from the 29th June – 1st of July at Teneriffe.


  • Gilles Simon got people angry (why was he surprised?) when he said that female pro tennis players shouldn’t be paid the same amount as men, because women’s games just aren’t as exciting. He is obviously an idiot.
  • Angela Ballardhas been selected for the London 2012 Paralympic team in

    Image: timetorun.com

    wheelchair racing. It’s Ballard fourth paralympics, and she’s also ranked number one internationally in both 100m and 200m. Way to make us all feel like underachievers, Ballard!

  • The Beachley Classic was on, awesome women surfers did some awesome surfing. Courtney Colonge won!
  • The Matildas recently won 2 – 0 against NZ at the end of June. Yay for soccer grrrls!


  • Feminist director Nora Ephron sadly died on June 26. Celebrate her wonderful life

    Image: twilightlexicon.com

    by watching her classics like When Harry Met Sally…, Sleepless in Seattle and Julie and Julia.

  • Kristen Stewart, actress of Twilight, Panic Room and The Runaways, was named Forbes’ Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood.
  • Against Me! singer Tom Gabel came out as transgender in May to Rolling Stone magazine. She plans to change her name to Laura Grace Jones in the coming months, and is supported by her wife Heather.


  • The UQ Women’s Collective held an official forum entitled “Unity in Diversity” for UQ’s Diversity Week this year. People debated about whether feminism, UQ and the UQWC are diverse and inclusive enough and how we can better that, ate biscuits and pizza, drank some ice tea, and had a merry old time. You can still find posters for the forum – bought with the sweet $300 grant given to us by the Equity Office – lurking around the women’s room, and photos are on our facebook group!
  • The UQWC was also a part of the Collective clothes’ swap, along with the Queer and Enviro collective. It was held to great success on the Grassy Knoll on St Lucia campus. Ditto with pics on the UQWC facebook group.
  • Look out for our events for Blue Stockings Week, to be announced later in the semester!


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