We have content and commenting guidelines! Hurrah!

Rosie and I have been working on these babies for a while with help from the UQWC members, and finally, they are here!

We have a commenting policy that we strongly urge you to follow, unless you like to have your comments not approved. This comment policy applies to all, both haters and feminist-defenders. We want Wom*news to be respectful! This policy can be found under the “About” tab.

Secondly, we have a more detailed content guideline for those budding writers out there. This guideline includes friendly reminders about the necessity for inclusive language, material and for trigger warnings. It can be found under (and also through) the “Submission Info” tab.

And lastly just a few reminders about navigating wom*news:

  • You can find full issues of the zine under The Zine tab
  • You can find past posts by going to the Past Posts tab, through the recent posts or tags on the sidebar, or scrolling back through the site
  • You can find further info about our contributors here, and staff here under “About”

Please remember if you have any questions or ideas regarding this site or Wom*news please email us at uqwnews@gmail.com.

~ Emma


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