Wom*news #6: Herstory OUT NOW!

It is my pleasure to present to you… Wom*news #6: Herstory!
This issue explores women’s herstory, issues females have faced and overcome in the past, and of course highlights awesome women in modern and ancient history.
You can access the online version of the zine here; you can find singular pieces from this issue here at wom*news by using the ‘issue 6‘ tab.
Hard copies will be available to take home from the women’s room and from the UQ Women’s Collective’s market day stall on Wednesday, July 25 at UQ St Lucia Campus.

Thanks to all our contributors – and don’t forget to let us know in comments here or on our facebook group about what you thought of the latest issue of wom*news!

NB: There is a typo on page 3 under the ‘celebrity’ heading (damn you adobe exporting!). It should read: Against Me! singer Tom Gabel came out as transgender in May to Rolling Stone magazine. She plans to change her name to Laura Grace Jones in the coming months, and is supported by her wife Heather. 

Happy reading!

~ Emma


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