Reclaim the Night; my experiences, thoughts and opinions

Trigger Warning: contains references to sexual violence, marijuana and foul language.

Reclaim the Night, a march for the end of sexual violence against women, was held on October 26th (I know, it has taken me a while to write this). And, being both a member of the UQ Wom*n’s Collective, and a woman, I attended – banding together with other like-minded women against the horrific onslaught of sexual violence that is directed towards women worldwide.

Granted, I have been in marches before, so I understood that they are not always well received by the general public (particularly since this one blocked the roads of Brisbane’s CBD), but I was astounded by the arrogance and ignorance of some people in the City that night. For instance, we had a group of young girls (just a point here, 1 in 3 women will be a victim/survivor of sexual violence in her lifetime) mock march with us, taking photos and laughing like we were demonstrating for the legalisation of marijuana, not against sexual violence. Similarly, I was cat-called, yelled at to ‘Show us your tits’ and told that ‘sexual violence isn’t a big issue’, all by males lining the streets.

Now, I admit, we had immense support from males and females alike, but it is these few members of society, those who don’t care enough, who don’t think it is ‘an issue’, who can’t be bothered to learn about one of the biggest causes in Australia today, they ruin it for everyone, and they give all those not marching a pretty bad name.

So when I post this link on Facebook, and inevitably receive the comments of ‘Oh, so you’re saying all men are potential rapists’, and ‘We know, men are just the scum of the Earth’, and ‘Isn’t feminism just women dominating men’, please know that I am not directing these comments at you personally, I am directing them at those people (see, I didn’t say ‘men’ or ‘males’, I said ‘people’, because it can be anyone) who cat-call, who rape, who sexually violate without consent. Those people who harm, who don’t believe in equality (specifically gender equality in this instance), who call our Prime Minister a ‘whore’, who use violence to solve altercations, who mistreat women.

That, is who I am aiming my comments at.

~ Madeline Price (see more at my blog).


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