A Letter To The UQWC

By Madeline Price

A Letter to the UQWC, on Behalf of One Proud Member

This letter will feature in Wom*news #8: Flashback.

Dear University of Queensland Wom*ns Collective,

As a proud member of the Collective over the past year, I have been inspired, my faith in feminism, women and crushing the patriarchal dividend has been restored, by the wonderful people I have met, the incredible events I have attended and the brilliant discussions I have been privy to.

We may vary in our opinions (on issues such as pornography, Andrea Dworkin and more), our feminisms (cultural, radical, black, liberal..), our gender identities (woman, transgendered, gender queer..), our sexualities (lesbian, asexual, bisexual, polysexual, heterosexual..), but our beliefs about the strength of women, the importance of women in society and the equality they deserve are universal throughout the Collective.

UQWC at Reclaim The Night 2012

UQWC at Reclaim The Night 2012

The Collective may be in the minority on campus, but it – we – are influencing the majority in the outside world. Our participation in Reclaim the NightSlutWalk and White Ribbon, as well as our fundraising for Blue Stockings Week and Pink Ribbon has not gone unnoticed. More importantly than that, we have not let the UQ Union beat us, nor cause us to become disillusioned about change.

It inspires me that these wonderful people in the Collective will be our future teachers, archaeologists, writers, philosophers, lawyers, scientists, anthropologists, university lecturers, politicians, doctors, museum curators, accountants, government workers – our future. It inspires me to have met so many young people advocating for change, for equality, for an end to the disparities faced by so many in our society.

It inspires me that there are so many like-minded people, not yet jaded by the harsh reality faced by those wishing to invoke such society-altering change, but instead ever the more passionate about overcoming such a hurdle.

The whole of the UQWC inspires me.

With much heartfelt affection and admiration,



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