Making The World More Feminist

This submission will feature in Flashback: Wom*news #8, out late January


In this piece, I thought it would be cool to link Wom*news online/zine content with discussion in our meetings, since they’re the basic point of contact for most members. This particular topic is a great one because you can have sweeping, big-picture, idealistic answers like Rosa’s or Laura H’s or more specific ones like Emma’s and Cody’s.

Sometimes it’s interesting to think about how different the world would be if small, specific things were changed, such as ditching gendered pronouns or if all schools taught students comprehensively about consent, rape culture and gender identity (as a continuum rather than a binary).  Presenting the question in this medium also allowed me to showcase the diversity of the UQWC members, and to get members contributing, without necessarily having to write up a full submission!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this and h/t to Emma Di for suggesting the topic.

What do you think? Add your two cents in the comments section.

~ Rosie Cuppaidge


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