UQWC’s Reply to ‘Fabulous Feminism’ in Semper Floreat

In this year’s first issue of the UQU student magazine, Semper Floreat, there was an article published titled “Fabulous Feminism” by Vivienne Hartwig. It was far from fabulous. The UQ Women’s Collective, concerned with the warped view of feminism Vivienne presented, wrote a reply. We’ve submitted this reply to the Semper Editors in the hopes of it being published in issue two of Semper. This seems unlikely, but not that this matters; we’ll be publishing our reply in the upcoming issue of our magazine, Wom*news, and it will stay here so everyone can share it with their friends.

Vivienne’s article is first, with our reply below it.

Fabulous Feminism by Vivienne Hartwig:

Fabulous Feminism

The UQ Women’s Collective’s Reply:

UQWC Reply to Fabulous Feminism

Thanks to Emma, Lorelei, Rosie, Julia for writing our reply, and to Emily for designing it in feminist purple! And thanks to you for sharing this around!



14 thoughts on “UQWC’s Reply to ‘Fabulous Feminism’ in Semper Floreat

  1. rosi5 says:

    “you won’t find as many – or any – mistakes in our magazine Wom*news, which is edited for free. Zing”. This line will possibly go down in herstory as my favourite take down ever. <3

  2. Ally says:

    I would not condescend to say that women are not aware of how culture influences their behaviour. I would also not dictate that women are not allowed to use charisma to advance their career. Since men are allowed to use charisma, and since business is all about social networking these days

  3. Drear says:

    An amazing reply to someone who’s ideas of feminism appear to have been informed by the hard-hitting documentary, Legally Blonde. Additionally, great job holding it together in the face of great stupidity. Kudos all round, UQ Women’s Collective.

  4. Jessica says:

    Great response. I do weep for Vivienne. Hopefully she will find someone to support her because as far as being a journalism and/or communications expert she’ll make a great trophy wife someday.

  5. Jessica says:

    I’d also run Vivienne’s piece through turnitin. Its disjointed style screams “Daddy did my homework” to me. The use of “911”, “Goldman Sachs”, “autobarn” (sic), makes me wonder where this woman lives. Vivienne it really saddens me that you are that ignorant as to bite the hand of feminism without which you would not even be at university let alone spewing your (incredibly un-funny) bile. You are the product of years of education. Start acting like it. And read a book for goodness sake!

  6. Sapphicscientist says:

    Great response. Unfortunately, it is women expressing the views in the article that have influence (via TV and gossip magazines). Equality is about a lot more than what the author talked about, and for a start equality is not the same as exploitation.

  7. Oliver says:

    As long as you’re taking the liberty of superimposing the fragment “wom” over the original “men” in the first para, you may as well add a possessive apostrophe in “boys (sic) club”.

    • uqwomynews says:

      Oops, that’s my fault. My scanned copies went blurry at at the edges so I had to put text over the top – but I must have made a mistake. Thanks for pointing that out! We’ll fix it asap.
      – Emma

  8. felixfox says:

    Oh wow, the original article “fabulous feminism” is just so bad it doesn’t even warrant a response! I’m a little late to the party here, but how did that even get printed?!

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