A Lighthearted Look At Sex Myths And Women

Myth #1: “Girls? No, girls don’t do that…”

“Yeah, I’ve been away for two weeks. She must be dying without sex.”

“Um, dude? She’d probably just have a go at herself.”

“Nah, chicks don’t do that.”

*footnote: adaptation of a conversation I overheard.

Excuse me, sir, but you’re a tad misinformed. Your misogynistic approach is really fucking wrong. Excuse me while I set the record straight, because mate, honestly? Women MASTURBATE.

On our backs, on our knees, with hands that know how to please. Soft moans and strokes and sighs of ecstasy, (and sometimes with the aid of batteries). No company’s required, and here are the facts. According to the surveys, two thirds of women masturbate, and most do it to relax. Others for self-indulgent pleasure, for relief, to still the drive. Some use it to get to sleep, and some to feel alive. They might be single, they might be open, they might be dating, they might be gay. But bi, straight, trans, les, pan or otherwise, sometimes putting yourself to bed is the best way to get laid.

And sorry to bust your bubble, but most gals reach the first big O flying solo. You don’t think Han-d ever did a Solo on a Wookie? Lookie, if the research holds up, a good self-fuck can make that O oh-so much better. I’m not trying to lecture, but findings are that women get wetter on their own, and that those moans and orgasms are more physically intense when the focus is on sole pleasure.

Myth #2: “Girls? Casual sex? No, girls aren’t into casual sex as much as guys.”

Previous researchers found that women don’t seem to like to clown around. But when it comes to mounting, they didn’t really take outside pressures into account. Recent findings state that women are just as keen for a fling – and contrary to the former, it doesn’t have to mean a thing. 70% would take a playmate on a first date or an offer by a stranger IF they’re attracted to the partner (and feel that they won’t be judged thereafter). That percentage comes to null if fear of being stigmatised as a ‘slut’. But if they’re respected and it’s safe, 70% will opt for sex. Next time maybe consider reputation when society’s a bitch? – that to scratch that itch could mean a reputation you don’t want. And they didn’t stop to compare that women rarely took up an offer if it wasn’t clear that safety was in order first. And afterall, back then birth control wasn’t as easy to get a hold of. So it’s a little bit more complicated than the myth suggests – women are interested in casual sex, there’s just outside influence.

 Myth #3: “V orgasms” are better than “C orgasms.”

When it comes to an orgasm, the clitoris is the star of the show. The big O is a tripwire that is triggered by the clit. It’s literally needed for the waves to rock and engulf, and honey, it’s much less likely to occur in intercourse than through the use of hands or mouth. In most cases, it’s much less the penetration, but more stimulation and vibration of the glands. Understand that now it’s known that the clit extends much deeper past the hips, and this is why when that high comes, the shudders start slowly from the back. Then by the time you’re wracked with pleasure, and it’s time to cry out, the orgasm is almost inevitably felt more up front.

Myth #4: Good Golly Miss Molly, There Ain’t No Such Thing.

Mr Grafenburg made the distinction of identifying a spot in 1944. The vaginal front wall yielded a mystical dot. An erotic space about 2 inches up, a little place rougher than the silky surrounds. (But

satisfaction almost guaranteed if the G-Spot can be found). Using a finger to gently make a “come hither” motion 1 to 2 inches up, find the button for some extra lady lovin’ and an ocean of fun.

~ Rosie Williams


Conley, T. D., Moors, A. C., Matsick, J. L., Ziegler, A., & Valentine, B. A. (2011). Women, men, and the bedroom: Methodological and conceptual insights that narrow, reframe, and eliminate gender differences in sexuality. Current Directions In Psychological Science, 20(5), 296-300. doi:10.1177/0963721411418467

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