Save Gender Studies: The Video (Please Share!)

Save Gender Studies, The Video — Brought to you by the Women’s Collective of the University of Queensland. 

The University of Queensland’s executive Arts dean, Fred D’Agostino, announced this year that as of 2014 Gender Studies would no longer be offered as a choice of major for undergraduate students.

Following this, Mr D’Agostino was quoted in The Australian newspaper as saying he “was not aware” of any complaints from undergraduate students — this in spite of the vocal ‘Save Gender Studies’ student collective on campus, that held it’s first meeting in March and a large protest rally in April.

But maybe Mr D’Agostino still hasn’t got the message… Maybe it’s time you were in on this too. Because when gender studies is under attack, there’s only one thing to do — speak out and fight back!

Please share this video to let UQ know the Gender Studies major is wanted and needed.

Written by Laura Howden.

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