Wom*news 11 – Call for Submissions Extended!

We’ve decided to extend the opening time for submissions for the upcoming issue of Wom*news. The Women in Public issue will be accepting submissions until Wednesday the 2nd of October. 

Details on what to submit and where to submit it are posted below!

DSC_0182 2

We accept opinion pieces, research articles, lists, short stories, reviews, interviews, poems, photographs, song lyrics, illustrations, paintings, collages…and anything else creative you can think of…
on the subject of women in public
which could be politicians, actresses, musicians, bloggers, comedians, public speakers, journalists, novelists, artists, charities, media scrutiny, paparazzi, pop culture, national and global news, documentaries
from members and allies of the UQ Women’s Collective.
Submissions are open on August 15
and close October 2, 5pm.

Your work will be featured both in the hard copy of our zine, the pdf version and as a post here at the wom*news website.


Emma, Rosie, Laura, Emily and Izzy
The Wom*news Team

PS. You can find full pdf versions of our past zine issues here.


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