Discussion Topic: Who’s Your Fave Non-Cis Man in Public and Why?

The UQ Women’s Collective asked its members to share their favourite public people for Wom*news #11!

Lana Wachowski – her brain is just plain beautiful and she articulates her transition during her infamous speech just amazingly well. – Rowan


Mine is clearly Courtney Love. She is/does everything a woman isn’t supposed to be/do, while giving zero fucks. She’s also crazy, but I kind of love that. 

– Joanna


Personally, I love Sally K Ride, and Amelia Earhart! Both have made huge steps forward for women in previously male-only professions, and are general badasses.

 – Celeste


Catherine Deveny. Controversial opinions but stands by them. Appreciate her work speaking out against the church, Anzac Day, unpaid work and body image! She reminds me to be less apologetic and deferential. – Ruth


Kristen Stewart – she’s made ads raising awareness about RAINN and sexual assault.


This may be controversial but Lena Dunham because she is unapologetically honest and flawed. – Molly


Ke$ha for rainbow-y glitter-filled magnificence or Felicia Day for continuing to work in nerd spheres. Both for being unapologetically awesome. – Shannon



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