There were a number of regulatory changes put forward last night in the 2nd Ordinary Meeting of the 103rd UQ Union Council that directly concerned the UQ Women’s Collective (formerly known as WRAG).


  • the recommended name change from Women’s Rights Action Group to Women’s Collective was passed (R44, R58.1.a, R33.1.j, R52.1.c, R72.1)
  • the proposed quorum reduction from 10 members down to 5 members was not passed, despite being recommended at the first meeting of the Women’s Rights Action Group for 2014 (R44.4)
  • the Vice President (Gender and Sexuality) was appointed the chair of the Women’s Collective and was given powers to call and give notice of meetings, unless the UQ Women’s Collective resolves otherwise (R44.5, R44.6)

NB: Updated regulations including these changes will become available through the UQ Union Noticeboard shortly.


  • An increase of funding to the Women’s constituency was proposed, and subsequently did not pass through council

We recommend any interested students come along to the next council meeting (held on a monthly basis) to raise any questions they may have about these or other issues. Information regarding the time and place of this meeting will be posted on this page.

We also recommend interested students who do not identify as a cis-man to come along to our regular meeting on Monday at 1pm in the Women’s Room, where the outcome of the meeting and its relevance to the UQ Women’s Collective will be discussed in detail.


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