About the UQU Women’s Collective and Wom*News


The UQU Women’s Collective is an autonomous group on the University of Queensland campus. Non-affiliated with any political party, external organisation or values-driven belief, we are made up of people on the UQ campus passionate about feminism and gender equality, and critical of the patriarchy. Wom*news is the UQU Women’s Collective online site. 

Originally starting in October 2011 as a small newsletter, the site has since grown into the primary source of information for the UQU Women’s Collective, an online blog and a fully-fledged zine!

Wom*news provides a space for Collective members and allies to share their views and works on women, feminism, and Collective-related matters without fear of being censored or unsupported. These works range from artworks such as drawings and photographs to writing endeavours including short stories, poems, reviews and opinion pieces.

In addition to this, the site serves as a point of contact and information for the upcoming UQU Women’s Collective events, socials and updates.

The Wom*news website is the UQU Women’s Collective Zine’s online hub. You can always find hard copies of the zine floating around in the Women’s Room at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus.

If you’re interested in submitting something to the Zine or blog, whether online, hard copy, or both, please either click the submission info page or email us. If you’d like to contact Wom*news about anything else, you can email us at uqwnews@gmail.com, or, if you would like to contact the UQU Women’s Collective, please email the 2016 Women’s Officer, Madeline Price at madeline.price@uqu.com.au.

All submissions featured on Wom*news are the sole intellectual and creative property of their individual authors unless otherwise stated. These works are not to be republished without express permission from the authors. Content which is not owned by authors within their works has been referenced accordingly and no copyright infringement is intended.


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