Women’s Room

The UQU Women’s Collective also has a safe space on the University of Queensland (St Lucia) campus, known as the Women’s Room!

This room hosts the meetings of the UQU Women’s Collective, as well as having bookshelves of feminist literature, couches for sitting, blankets for sleeping, computers, study spaces and ’emergency supplies’ (of tea, coffee, tampons, pads and condoms). It is a safe space to study, rest, catch up with friends, read and relax.

The Room is open to all students on the UQ campus who do not identify as a cis-gendered man (so, if you identify as a woman, transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary, agender or similar, you are welcome to use the Room).

Steps to accessing the room;

  1. Walk down the stairs in the UQ Union Complex, towards the Red Room.
  2. To the left of the Red Room is the sliding door to the 24/7 Study Space.
  3. Inside this space is a second sliding door on the left.
  4. Through this door is the entrance to the new Women’s Room.
  5. Enjoy!