Referencing Guidelines

Here at Wom*News, we enjoy referencing works we have quoted from or pictures that aren’t ours so we don’t get sued when we publish our Zine. It’s a novel idea that we hope our contributors can appreciate!


We ask, for the sake for continuity, that referencing for your Wom*News submission be in APA style reference list, 7th edition. It’s not the exact, ideal APA referencing style; it’s kinda like our own system that seems to be easy and looks neat enough.

We don’t need any in text-citations. You’ll just need to add the heading “References” under your piece and write down everything you used.

How do you do that, I hear you asking?

Here are a few templates to use so you can just add in the details you need.

Author’s Last Name, Initial. (Any Editors). (Year Published). Title of Book. Publishing Company: Place of Publication.

Journal Articles:
Author’s Last Name, Initial. (Year Published). Title of Article. Title of Journal, Volume Number (Issue Number), page numbers.
– if it’s from a website and you’d like to list the site, it will then read: “…, page numbers. Retrieved from”

Last Name of Author of Article or Website, Initial. (Year Published). Title of Article or Webpage. Retrieved from
– website referencing works for art and media found on the internet, such as paintings, youtube clips, photos, song lyrics and podcasts.

Director’s Last Name, Initial. (Year Released). Title of Film. Production Company Name. DVD.

Artists’ Last Name, Initial. (Year Album or Single Released). Title of Song. Name of Album.
– you can also put a website link if it’s up on youtube or the artists’ website. It will then read: “…Name of Album. Retrieved from”

When it comes to writing authors’ or creators’ names in referencing, it’s best to do so in the following ways:

  1. Last Name, Initial.
  2. Last Name
  3. Author Unknown (if you can’t find the person who created it)

With images, it as simple as making a textbox underneath the image and write:


If you can’t make a textbox, don’t sweat it; just pop that little reference along with your reference list and we’ll fix it up for you.

Please remember to always get permission or find the correct details to reference someone’s work by, as it’s the nice and not screwing-with-copyright thing to do. If someone refuses to let you use their work, even with referencing, try finding a different source.

We hope this helps (and thanks to all who do their referencing, it saves the dear editor and designer some time!)

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