UQWC At Blue Stockings Week!

There were a range of Blue Stockings events and other wom*n-related seminars at UQ this week that members of the UQ Women’s Collective took part in. Enjoy our picspamming! :)

UQWC Blue Stockings Bake Sale
9th August – Photos by Rosie Cuppaige

UQ NTEU’s Blue Stockings Week Forum + Music
with UQWC members Izzy Manfield and Johanna Qualmann as speakers
and Luna Junction as performers (pictured)
13th August – Photo by Izzy Manfield

UQ Friends of Fryer “Histories of Women’s Writing at the University of Queensland Press”
Panel Discussion
14th August – Photos by Emma Di

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Blue Stockings Week 2012

Hey everyone!

Blue Stockings Week kicks off today! From the 6th until the 17th of August, Blue Stocking Week is an annual chance to celebrate the unsung women in higher education and raise awareness about issues women still face in regards to education.

This Thursday (9th August), the UQ Women’s Collective is holding a bake sale on St Lucia Campus in the Chemistry Annexe from 9am. There, you’ll be able to buy (mostly) blue delicious bake goods, like cup cakes, muffins and chocolate swirls. You’ll also find information about Gender Studies at UQ, copies of the most recent issue of wom*news and Hecate, and stickers and flyers from NUS and the Collective to do with BSW that you can take for free.

Mark your attendance on the bake sale facebook event, and this thursday, wear your blue stockings with pride!

Below you can find a copy of our own Blue Stocking Week 2012 flyer that you’ll be able to pick up at the bake sale.

Blue Stocking Week 2012 – Click me!

And you can find more information about Blue Stocking events around campuses at the NUS Women’s Dept and NTEU’s websites.

Have a great week, wom*n!
~ Emma