Wom*news News!

In addition to being put in the University of Queensland Library catalogue earlier this month, Wom*news and the UQ Women’s Collective have some other great things happening!

  • We got our Reply To Fabulous Feminism published (almost in its entirety) in Semper Floreat. This was to our great surprise, since we’ve made no secret of our how the UQ Union has treated us. It’s great to see the Semper editors recognising that we had a point. Vivienne Hartwig also had a reply to our reply published next to it, so if you grab a copy around campus you can read that too. (In our opinion, it’s a little like she didn’t really understand what we were trying to say. It’s okay to be feminine! Just don’t make it the hard and fast rule for everyone!)
  • We’re going to have a barbecue on campus this coming Wednesday at the Grassy Knoll to raise funds for zine printing, since the trek to Visible Ink isn’t always easy. At the BBQ you’ll be able to grab a hard copy issue of Wom*news #9: Myths!
  • On June 2, Wom*news will be on display at the Southside Tea Room’s zine and cartoon fair! We’re planning a photo campaign there as well as promoting the zine, along with some other great ideas. Be sure to come along and support us from 3pm!

UQWC’s Reply to ‘Fabulous Feminism’ in Semper Floreat

In this year’s first issue of the UQU student magazine, Semper Floreat, there was an article published titled “Fabulous Feminism” by Vivienne Hartwig. It was far from fabulous. The UQ Women’s Collective, concerned with the warped view of feminism Vivienne presented, wrote a reply. We’ve submitted this reply to the Semper Editors in the hopes of it being published in issue two of Semper. This seems unlikely, but not that this matters; we’ll be publishing our reply in the upcoming issue of our magazine, Wom*news, and it will stay here so everyone can share it with their friends.

Vivienne’s article is first, with our reply below it.

Fabulous Feminism by Vivienne Hartwig:

Fabulous Feminism

The UQ Women’s Collective’s Reply:

UQWC Reply to Fabulous Feminism

Thanks to Emma, Lorelei, Rosie, Julia for writing our reply, and to Emily for designing it in feminist purple! And thanks to you for sharing this around!