Makeup Free Me – Photos!

Our Makeup Free Me event turned out to be a great success for such a quiet day on campus! We took over 30 photos of women (and men!) going make up free and sharing something beautiful about themselves. We also raised $20 in donations for the Butterfly Foundation.




You can find all the photos at our tumblr (


“I Need Feminism Because…” UQWC Style!

Lotte, photo by Rosie Cuppaidge

Lotte, photo by Rosie Cuppaidge

We’re currently becoming a part of the feminist photo campaign that’s trending globally, where feminists hold up a sign saying “I need feminism because…” and give their reason. Our photos are being posted on our tumblr, which you can find here:

We’ve uploaded a bunch of new photos from today’s Market Day at UQ. Check it out!