Call For Submissions #4

Wom*news, The UQ Women’s Collective Zine, Issue #4

CONTACT: (for questions, ideas, submissions) Emma, ze editor, at If you need any information about wom*news, ask Lorelei Links (the designer) or Rosie Cuppaige (part of the site mod duo).
WORD LIMIT: 1,200 (As wise old Rubeus Hagrid didn’t quite once say, “Stick to yer limit, Harry. Stick to yer limit.”)
TOPICS: Send an email to with your topic and perhaps a little explanation, in case two people are writing about different aspects of one topic, which we’ll allow. We’re doing this list so no one ends up writing about the same thing. There is now a document in the facebook group with the topics ( – please check this first! It’s going to be *first in, best dressed!* as to who writes what the want.
DON’T: Plagiarize, be racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise stupidly offensive in your works.
DO: Send in submissions such as essays, opinion pieces, fiction, lists, reviews, photography; ask questions, promote our collective zine, reference all your sources, help compile the March News Round Up (

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


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